Landing shelf space in the retail big leagues is nearly every brand’s dream come true. For some, getting Walmart to carry your products can alter the life of your brand. Eight cents of every American dollar is spent with Walmart and no matter your opinion of the retail goliath, you have to admit that’s impressive.


Walmart has had their ducks in a row for a long time, and now, they’ve made a huge announcement that changes what brands need to do to sell products with them both online and in stores.


Walmart has made it that all of the in-store products are listed online for a seamless shopping experience. This is new and a big deal. So if a customer searches something online, they can walk into the store and find exactly what they were expecting.  Effective immediately, Walmart is expecting you to provide high-quality, web-ready content for all items sold in Walmart Stores. These items will be posted on as “available in store only” unless otherwise directed by you and your merchant.


Until now, Walmart’s in-store and online presence were treated as two separate entities. It was possible to sell to one and not have the other know you exist.


Recently Walmart joined the two entities and compiled all of their product information into one complete set of data – with the goal of better equipping the consumer with information to make a purchase decision and helping you, the vendor sell more.


What does this mean for you? Basically, going forward you need you to provide the content they need to make this project a reality into their standard template.


Web-ready content under the new format averages 35-40 product attributes beyond the initial store setup requirements. This includes product images, titles, enticing descriptions, features, benefits, etc. They want as much web-ready content as you are able to provide… and it makes perfect sense, given the direct connection because better content online and higher sales.


Walmart Ecommerce Page


Remember, the quality and completeness of the product data submitted is the single, biggest influence on your sales growth and brand loyalty.

If you’d like to work through Walmart’s processes to update your products manually, head over to your Walmart Supplier SharePoint and follow these steps:


  • Choose the most appropriate Category and Sub-Category (if appropriate) from the Supplier Guide
  • Download the corresponding Excel template for your Category
  • Fill in any required fields for each of your products
  • Depending on the category/sub-category you fit in, there may be more required attributes than the 28 universally needed fields
  • Complete preferred and optional fields to supercharge your online product pages


Seem like a lot of work? If you despise making manual corrections manually in Excel, we’ve got you covered!


Hubba has a quick and easy tool that allows you to automatically map your product specs to the Walmart fields. The best part about updating through Hubba is that when you’re finished, your products are ready to be discovered not just by Walmart, but other heavy hitters like Amazon, Target and more.
To make it happen, login to your account using (or create a new free account) and upload your product information with the press of a few buttons. Then select all your products and click “export” and choose the Walmart form that best applies to you. This is designed to map your Attribute Fields to Walmart’s.
WalMart Listing Form



So if you see Walmart’s “Unit Size” and you have “Product Size” as an attribute, just select it from the drop-down menu. You only have to do this once and the change is applied universally to all of the items you originally selected.


Walmart Listing Form 2


Easy as [a Walmart Great Value] pie!


Let us know if you have any questions at all about the new changes coming your way and if you need any help loading your product data into Hubba we’re happy to lend a hand. Leave your questions in the comments below or send us a note to



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