Facebook ‘Collections’ and Other Tools You Didn’t Know You Had In Your Arsenal


In a move that illustrates just how committed they are to attracting businesses to their platform, Facebook has announced the launch of their new social media commerce initiative, Collections. The new video and photo-based ad format allows brands to load a primary video as a header which then links to a quick loading product page. Once the page is loaded, it hosts up to 50 product photos, complete with descriptions. Each image can be clicked to hyperlink the customer directly to the company’s product page.

In their commissioned Omni-Channel Shoppers report, Facebook reports to have found that 45 percent of all shopping journeys now contain a mobile action. Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram’s shoppable photos have already shown huge returns and they’ve even extended the service to even more brands. All of this to say, it’s clear to see Facebook would like to play catch up. While historically, Facebook hasn’t done as well in the social commerce space as some of its competitors (or subsidiaries), they do have the user-base to back them up. And with brands like Adidas jumping on board and Tommy Hilfiger seeing a 200 percent ROI increase, it seems like they may be onto something. This ad format is ideal for retail companies who have a branding video as well as professional products photos and an e-commerce website to link to. It’s as easy as setting up Collection and promoting it as you see fit.

In a world where customers are living in a mobile e-commerce marketplace, tools like Collections (or “See Now, Shop Now” on Instagram) allow you to engage consumes where they spend most of their time. It’s your golden ticket into your customers daily lives and, when used properly, has potential to return huge dividends.

Considering Facebook’s recent moves, it would seems that the social networking platform is making a strong play towards attracting businesses. Earlier this year, they rolled out their partnership with Pay-Pal. They also introduced Facebook Live, which allows companies to interact with their customers in a more direct way when debuting products, getting feedback and otherwise keeping them engaged.

Even reaching just one percent of the users on the platform can lead to huge jumps in customer numbers and revenue. When used properly (see our tips for businesses using Facebook to promote yourself here), Facebook can be a tool that expands your reach, raises awareness, informs your strategy and now (most importantly)  generates revenue. Use this to your advantage by digging in and learning about these tools, how to use them properly and what the best approach to accessing this e-commerce expansion opportunity is.

Dante Berardi Jr.

Dante Berardi Jr.

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Dante Berardi Jr.