Watch This Webinar to Learn How to Reach Your First 50k Facebook Followers


“The hardest part is breaking 10,000 followers,” says Kach Medina Umandap, one half of travel-blogger powerhouse Two Monkeys Travel. She says that after you hit this important milestone, your amount of followers snowballs into numbers you couldn’t imagine. A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Kach as she shared her most coveted secrets to mastering Facebook – a tool she says is vital to becoming an influencer in most any industry.

The topics Kach covered spanned all things Facebook – everything from deciding what type of blogger you are, posting based on analytics, making a video go viral, to how to stay present in your life while you’re posting it on social media constantly.


Facebook is only useful if you’re willing to put in the effort

“Facebook is an advertising tool,” says Kach, rather bluntly. She’s right – with Facebook, your main motto should be ‘you reap what you sew’.

“When we first started, we were backpacking during the day and drafting content in the evenings. [I found myself working] from 16 to 18 hours a day. We traveled non-stop. Basically, we would travel all day, and then from 7:00PM until 3:00 in the morning, I worked” Kach explains. “I did everything in real-time as we were traveling because I didn’t yet understand automation.” After a few months, it became clear they needed to do some deep work to build their community, so they decided to take a break in Costa Rica.

I asked Kach what to do after you’re done begging your third-cousins to ‘follow’ your new blog or influencer page, and she had some eye-opening advice for aspiring bloggers. “First, don’t ask your family and friends to like your posts because they’re not your target audience. They already know you.”

Your friends’ engagement isn’t a tangible metric to show to future collaborators. You need a meaningful audience. “You would get a few more followers, sure, but those numbers aren’t everything. Brands want to see your engagement and reach, which isn’t going to come from your family.”

“My biggest suggestion is to be consistent with your posting. Share consistently, at the same time, all the time. Usually, I post three times a day. Before [we were established], I did four or five. It was a lot.” Because of their blog’s international audience, this is especially difficult for Kach and other travel bloggers. Two Monkeys Travel has large readerships in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and in North America, necessitating around-the-clock posting.  You can learn where your readers are coming from using Facebook’s analytics tool.


Now let’s get to the goods

Being an influencer isn’t easy stuff – it takes a lot more strategy and forethought than snapping a few pictures and slapping them on the net. Check out the full webinar below to get yourself on the right path to being a Facebook influencer.

Here is the full webinar to watch.