3 Key Jewelry Trends Currently Blowing Consumer’s Minds


During my recent chat with BEaUty Inside Out show host Bonnie Bonadeo and @RetailPhil, I talked a bit about how, despite the increasing casualization of apparel, consumers are becoming bolder than ever with how they choose to accessorize.

As a result, jewelry brands in particular are completely revamping the industry, doing away with traditional looks and style and introducing avant-garde ideas to their fashion forward consumers. Below are just a few examples of key trends that I foresee emerging in 2017 and the trend-setters that started them.

New Frontiers

How often as a designer or brand owner (or both!) have you asked yourself, “What’s something new that I can bring to the table? Something my customer has never seen before and my competitors have yet to do?” In the world of fashion, most things ‘new’ to consumers tend to trickle down from the runways. Take Sarah & Sebastian’s “Bi-sected Face” pieces, for example. As seen at Dion Lee’s Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear runway show, bloggers and social media influencers alike simply couldn’t get enough of the silhouette face jewelry. But fret not! High fashion designers aren’t the only trendsetters, as evidenced by recent Central Saint Martins grad Joanne T’s exceptionally modern nose rings. While septum rings had their moment last summer, these designs are an entirely new shape for those fashionable (and brave!) enough to wear them.

Images via eOnline and Instagram

Abstract Art

Art and fashion go hand in hand. That may be why we’re now seeing jewelry seemingly devoid of any shape (at least any that make sense). Knobbly Studio’s “Abstract Nude with Nipple” earrings seem completely random at a glance, but are actually Dalí-inspired forms created by collaborating with photographer Laurie Frank’s art. This Zenzii necklace, as modeled by Canadian designer Anne Hung, is another great example of the utterly random coming together to create a striking piece of jewelry.

Images via Knobbly Studio and Instagram


Of course, it’s not just jewelry brands getting in on the fun as consumers look to add whimsy to even the most everyday looks in their wardrobes. Bedazzling may be considered a four-letter word in the fashion industry, but there is a way to do it tactfully, like designer Lirika Matoshi’s stunningly intricate fishnet tights complete with hand-sewn jewels. On the high fashion front, Reny Kestel Millinery does tremendous bejeweled veils and headpieces that have been splashed all over the pages of Harper’s Bazaar.

Images via Lirika Matoshi and Instagram

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