5 Technologies You Can Use to Revolutionize Your Sizing Chart


In 2014, 15% of Americans surveyed expressed their biggest pet peeve when shopping online was having to buy multiple sizes of one item due to being unsure of the fit. While that number may not seem like a lot, the truth is, being able to reassure your online shoppers that they’ll be able to find their size through your online store can go a long way towards avoiding countless returns.

True Fit, a platform dedicated to helping shoppers determine the perfect size and fit in apparel and footwear, recently closed a $25 million funding round. Retailer demand for True Fit’s services continues to grow as the company plans to use the funds to develop tools for apparel retailers wanting to offer more personalized services. With 20 million users (estimated to surpass 30 million by the end of the year), True Fit reportedly drives a 5% increase in net revenue to its clients which include fashion heavy-hitters like Kate Spade, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Guess.

True Fit isn’t the only company revolutionizing the way customers shop for clothes online however. If you’re looking for ideas to rev up your e-commerce options or simply looking for a great company to partner with, here are a few great options.

Virtusize works directly with retailers (such as Asos, Acne Studios and Esprit, to name a few) to allow consumers to compare the measurements of an item on the retailer’s website to a similar piece of clothing already in their wardrobes. Virtusize provides a visual aid by creating a rendering of both items laid over top each.

Fits Me brings the fitting room experience to your shoppers’ home by taking their exact measurements in order to create a virtual avatar who can then “try on” various items. Fit Me also takes into account the user’s specific fit preferences (using their Fit Advisor tool) in order to recommend the perfect size for them.

We’ve already touched upon ThirdLove’s innovative approach to selling undergarments. In addition to a ‘Fit Finder’ option on their website, ThirdLove offers a specialized app which shoppers can use to find their perfect bra. Users need only to take a picture of their breasts in a tank top from the front and the side and the app will help them figure out the best style and fit for them.

Visitors to Acustom’s bespoke men’s boutique get their bodies 3D scanned. Their digital measuring technology is then used to collect 2 million data points in order to create a 3D body double. From there, measurements are used to create custom clothing with design input from the shoppers themselves for an even more tailor-made feel.

If you’re looking something less high-tech than 3D scanners but more informative than a basic sizing chart, why not let your shoppers do the work for you? Case in point:

FitBay allows shoppers within its community to follow “body doubles” – that is, other users with a similar body type – in order to get a better idea of how items fit on someone with the same body type.

Rent the Runway uses a special algorithm to push reviews from women with similar body types to their shoppers to the top once the shopper has selected an item. Users simply need to add information regarding their measurements on their profiles.

GoJane tries to dispel any and all doubts prospective shoppers may have by arming them with a 5-point star rating, commonly asked questions and answers, reviews and user-uploaded images for each item.

Whether you use these as inspiration for your own e-commerce site, partner up with an apparel sizing company or choose to create your own sizing app, one thing is for sure: helping consumers make informed shopping decisions is a win/win for everyone.