Best of the ABC Kids Expo: What’s New for 2017?


ABC Kids Expo, the largest juvenile products trade show in North America, happened this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The trade show revealed many interesting products hitting the marketing by 2017. From a guaranteed clean pacifier to baby furniture that charges your mobile devices, this year’s Expo proved to have something for parents at every stage of their child’s development. Here’s a look at some of the standouts from the Expo.

For new or expecting mothers

Nursery Works Kiwi Swivel Glider

Nurseryworks’s Kiwi Swivel Glider not only reclines electronically, but has a built-in USB port for easy phone charging during long nursing sessions. Now mothers can glide their babies to sleep while they charge their mobile devices. This chair will be out in February 2017.

Hatch Baby Listen Fetal Doppler

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat stands out as a one of the most beautiful things expecting parents can hear. Instead of just limited this experience to a doctor’s office, soon they’ll be able to record and share their baby’s heartbeat while in the womb with fun visualizations — all from their own home.

Doodle & Co’s The Pop Pacifier

One of the most innovative standouts at the show this year was Doodle & Co’s The Pop Pacifier. Launching in January, the $10 pacifiers is made from non-toxic rubber. The patented POP pacifier stays clean with a nipple that pops back into a self-contained cloud when dropped. This prevents parents from having to suck the dirt off of the bulbs themselves or be consistently washing them in a 30minute span of time (as toddlers love to launch their pacifiers).

For safe travelling

GB Pockit+ Stroller

Last year’s most talked-about unveiling was the GB Pockit+ Stroller – the collapsible stroller that won a Guinness World Record for smallest fold. The upgrade, which will be available early 2017, has a slightly larger fold, with a more spacious seating area, and an added reclining feature. Also available for purchase are adapters, which can carry any GB or Cybex car seat, making it the world’s lightest-weight travel system on the market.

Babyhome Wheel Kits

Babyhome strollers are offering a very clever way to really get the most out of their strollers.  With the introduction of their new wheel kit, you can change the wheels on your stroller extended the life of it according to the elements. With wheels made for running and another set for all-terrain trail riding, you’ll be set for whatever path you take. So instead of having a stroller for all the different things you bring your stroller along to do – now you can just change the wheels, not the entire stroller. A huge money saver for many parents out there who don’t have the luxury to have a stroller for every season.

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

Not every parent is excited to us strollers. City parents have a tendency to opt for baby carries because of their convenience. Up until now, nearly every baby carrier required an infant insert for a newborn’s first few weeks of life. With the recently launched Adapt style, however, there’s no need for anything extra. Also, it still grows with your child, up to 45 pounds.

For a good night’s sleep

Itsy Ritzy Hush Happens Door Silencer

This may be the simplest stand out this year, but all parents have been there. They finally get their little one to sleep and as they are exiting the room and close the door – Click! In an instant, your baby is awake and screaming. This simple-yet-ingenious door silencer helps keep the clicking of the door silent as you exit the room at naptime or nighttime.

Dock-a-Tot Cloud Tot

Technology was once again buzz worthy this year. The item being buzzed about was the upcoming Dock-A-Tot Cloud Tot. The “smart mattress” slips into the base of the Dock-a-Tot and provides parents with information about their sleeping babies via a Bluetooth-enabled app. If a baby hasn’t moved in 12 seconds, the mattress gives the baby a jiggle to startle it. It also detects moisture when a baby is wet and plays white noise to help babies fall and stay asleep.

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