Best Retail Trends Get a Pint-Sized Makeover for Kids

“Children are the darlings of corporate America,” writes Susan Linn in her book Consuming Kids (2004). “They’re targets of marketers for everything, from hamburgers to minivans.” What Linn writes is a hard truth – after all, we know that kids influence more than $600 billion in spending a year.

The Kids, Toys and Baby market is growing as millennials transition into family life and become first-time parents. (For more on how this demographic affects the industry, read this and this). And with their new style of parenting comes a new era of children’s products: ones that have taken queue from products these adults love.

Here are a few of the many children’s retail trends that have sprung from their parent’s favorites from this past year.



Remember when mattress company Casper took to the streets in a viral marketing campaign? It didn’t take long from the time these beds hit the market to become the superstar of the housewares world, disrupting an industry that has long been a staple in home life.

Nest bedding, another such company, has created the first ever bed-in-a-box solution for children. “Nest Bedding is proud to be the first company to bring to the market a mattress in a box solution for kids. The BKB mattress is made exclusively for kids and young people” states the company’s website. The mattress retails for just $299.00 and can be ordered by customers right from here.


Subscription Boxes

“For kids, there’s still a magical feeling of excitement when something pops into the mailbox,” writes Kim Grundy on SheKnows. “Especially when that something is a super fun subscription box that shows up every month without fail.”

Subscription boxes have blown up in popularity the past few years, especially in categories like Personal Care and Beauty with the rise of brands Birchbox. Now, kids can get in on the snail mail fun with boxes that cater to their wishes. Parents can order boxes that contain baking instructions and ingredients, books on pre-selected subjects the child is interesting in, and craft supplies. Kiwicrate, one of the most popular children’s subscription boxes, creates the monthly surprise according to age. Find out more about how it works!


Wearable Technology

I’m still trying to learn exactly why getting an Apple Watch (or one of its close competitors) is important, so imagine my shock when my 6 year-old came home from school and asked me for one. Turns out – for a lot of really cool reasons.

Brands have created smart watches that are for more than just fun and games, although there are a ton of those, too. The Tinytell Watch allows parents talk with children while they’re away during the day. They may ring to let them know dinner is ready, or that you’ll be early to pick them up from school. The watch is also equipped with a GPS, so consumers can safely locate their children in case of emergency. It provides all the safety and communication benefits of a cell phone, without having the security and accessibility issues.