How Hubba Acts as a One-Stop-Shop for This One-Woman Show


Originally established in Spain, Maia Ming Designs started out as a hobby before it became a full-blown passion. An artist at heart, founder Maia Ming, whose tagline is “Beauty, texture, whimsy – simple pleasures in daily rituals,” designs and prototypes each piece of her unique housewares products.

Although she’s living out her dream, Maia admits it isn’t always easy.  “What many designers-turned-entrepreneurs go through is that they suddenly have to learn and deal with the logistics of running a business… You learn so much but on the other hand, you have to do a lot of things that you would really rather have somebody else do.”

Hubba acts as Maia’s swiss army knife

For entrepreneurs like Maia, Hubba acts as a one-stop shop – Maia is able to tap into her community through Groups, make connections easily, and drive her business through those connections. “What I like about Hubba is that everything is in one place. You’ve got a way to meet and communicate with other brands, but also with influencers and buyers. The social media side of running a company is overwhelming, at least for me. So having one platform that’s easy to use and covers the spectrum is really great.”


Hubba vs. trade shows

Maia eventually found a familiar face through the platform, e-commerce retailer, Uncommon Goods. After reaching out to a representative on Hubba and sending her a few links showcasing her vases, Maia was quickly put into contact with a buyer for her category. “It was a lot easier to make the connection through Hubba than it was in the past,” Maia admits. “And Uncommon Goods is a great fit for our products.”


Hubba vs. Influencer platforms

Maia has also been in contact with several influencers, one of whom will be promoting her brand this month, just through being discovered (and liked!) by them on the platform. In an increasingly digital world, and for a business owner who wants to steadily grow into the e-commerce side of things, connecting with Influencers is an invaluable part of Maia’s business.


Hubba as an online forum

As Maia points out, one of the things many entrepreneurs aren’t aware of going in is just how much work is involved in running a business, and how, especially if you’re the sole proprietor of your brand, isolating that can feel (unless you regularly attend trade shows and other networking events). 

Hubba supports craft brand owners with a platform to connect and learn from one another through features like Groups and even stories like these on the blog!

As a designer, business owner, and mother, Maia is thankful that she’s able to find the tools she needs for her business all on one platform. I’m hoping to transition and go less to trade shows,” she says of her future plans, estimating that her time on Hubba will increase as time goes on.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet