Hubba Helped This CEO Turn His Side Business into a Thriving Company in Less Than 2 Years


Like many entrepreneurs, when Rocky Mountain Readiness founder Don Rodgers opened his e-commerce business selling outdoor gear and emergency preparedness equipment, it started out as a side hustle. He thought it would be too time-consuming for someone who was still working full-time towards retirement.

But what started out as “just something to do” has quickly turned into a thriving business, with Don growing a country-wide consumer base through a diverse assortment of products. Something that Don credits much of to Hubba.


Don turns to Hubba to source new products that will sell quickly

As a consumer himself, Don had a general idea of what type of products he wanted to carry but found he was spending way too much time sourcing Brands for his business. “I used to have to sit on a computer on Saturday mornings and just scour the web,” Don recalls. “It was all hit and miss.”

This is a reality for most Buyers using more traditional sourcing methods like Google and social media. Between its many features – like a filtered search functionality and Flares – Hubba streamlines the Brand discovery process by putting the right Brands in front of the right Buyers.

For Don, Hubba – discovered during one of his many treks through Google – was a no-brainer. “Now, if I’m looking for something specific, the first place I go to is Hubba,” he says. “There are so many great brands on Hubba and I think that everyone on the platform is genuinely interested in doing business.”


Hubba helps Don connect with real people

In addition to getting him in touch with the right Brands, Don says Hubba took the pain out of growing his business by helping him foster authentic connections with real people.

“[What I like about Hubba is that] you actually get to talk to the people who are [making these products] or who are representatives of the brand,” Don remarks. “These are all great people and great products [who have allowed us to curate] a really diverse assortment. [As a result], we’ve been able to expand our business way, way beyond what I thought [it could be] a year and a half ago – and we’ve been in business a little less than two years!”

Since joining Hubba a year ago, he’s already brokered successful deals with half a dozen brands through the platform.

The Hubba community helps Don learn the ropes

But even a successful business owner needs a little guidance sometimes. When Don has questions about growing his business, he appreciates being able to pick the brains of business owners who’ve been there before. In Hubba Groups, he can chat with other like-minded entrepreneurs.“[For a growing business like ours], it’s good to hear what the bigger companies are going through, what they’re doing, and trying to learn from that,” he confirms.

Hubba is the ultimate tool for any business owner looking to grow their business. Whether you’re a Brand looking for exposure to retailers like Don or a Buyer looking for the perfect products to serve your business, Hubba works hard to help you do that, all while saving you time.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet