The End of Trade Shows? Find Out How This CEO Grows His Wholesale Business in Just an Hour a Day

When Kronch USA CEO, David Sheffield joined Hubba a year ago, he never dreamed that it would play such a valuable part in his wholesale strategy.

Like many business owners, David dedicated much of his time (and money) to traditional methods of growing his business, trade shows being the primary one. In fact, the last time we spoke to him, he was getting ready to attend one such trade show, estimating that between the exhibitor fee, flights, hotel stay, and displays, he’d already spent a small fortune.

In theory, trade shows are an investment meant to go towards networking and picking up new clients. But, as David states, that’s not always the reality.

“Historically, we’ve attended a lot of trade shows, but what we’ve found is that it’s the exact same people attending the shows every year,” David explains. “As a small to medium-sized Brand, we just don’t have the budget to outspend the big companies.”

With so many elements out of your control, it can be financially devastating for an upstart Brand to pour thousands of dollars into an investment that just doesn’t pan out.


Hubba: the new “virtual” trade show

David quickly realized he could get the same results right at home – and for just a few minutes a day – through Hubba, which he believes acts like a virtual trade show. “We’ve actually made the strategic decision to reduce the number trade shows we attend to a minimum because Hubba has been so much more cost-effective,” David boasts.


“I typically spend 30 minutes to an hour a day reaching out and following up with leads on Hubba either that have been recommended to me or I’ve reached out to. I can say the cost per lead through Hubba is significantly lower.”


A 100% digital wholesale strategy

In fact, since joining Hubba, Kronch USA has already picked up several accounts, one of which is a repeat client. “I’ve already had six new customers place an order [including] a subscription box company which was one of our biggest orders to date!” David exclaims.

Calling Hubba a “no-brainer”, David has since transitioned to a nearly 100 percent digital wholesale strategy, using the platform (along with Instagram) to stay abreast of the goings on his industry, stay top of mind to Buyers, and build his network and clientele.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet