Alcohol Spotlight: Wine, Liqueur and Spirit Brands Consumers Can Feel Good About


The alcoholic beverage market has seen many changes, as smaller distilleries and craft brands continue to emerge to better satisfy consumer demands for non-mass produced beverages. Consumer needs are changing, and with that change comes new opportunities for brands and retailers. Consumers today want to know more about the history and production methods of what they’re drinking. As a result, big brand loyalty is lower than ever before. For example, millennials shopping for bourbon and whiskey, are looking for small batch products from local, and more unique distilleries as opposed to larger, long-time brands. Additionally, millennials consumed 36 percent of all wine purchased last year, amounting to 159.6 million cases. As alcohol trends continue to emerge, it provides equal opportunity for new brands to stake their claim on the new landscape. Below are just a few such brands.

Liquor We Love

The introduction of small, handcrafted brands have been very well received by consumers. Bars and restaurants are also joining in to ensure they are providing the liquors their customers crave – premium quality, organic, and small batch are all key traits. Established in 2008, Koval is a great example of these trends. The first distillery since the mid-1800s in Chicago, Koval produces organic whiskey, liqueurs and specialty spirits made using grains sourced from a local organic farmer collective in the Midwest. Purity Vodka is made from the finest organic winter wheat and malted barley from the south of Sweden. The heart of the vodka is distilled 34 times creating an exceptionally smooth and full bodied taste, unlike any other vodka.

Divine Wine

Wine has always been a fan favorite. It’s the official drink of France and no gathering or dinner is complete without it. Recent changes in the wine industry include the increase of twist tops (as cork becomes more rare) on fine wine bottles, as well as the reintroduction of boxed wine. Once looked down upon by wine enthusiasts, boxed wine is enjoying a renaissance. Archer Roose is the first boxed wine to be featured in restaurants and bars. Their premium wine is packaging in boxes by choice – for sustainability. They also work closely with their producers to custom craft their wines, and ensure sustainable methods and fair labor practices are used.

Creative Cocktail Mixers

Shopper are spending their time and money sourcing unique liquors, so it’s only natural they would want to use high-quality mixers and garnishes in their drinks as well. Bolder Beans is one such example – part cocktail garnish, part healthy snack, the award-winning pickled vegetables come in nine varieties and contain less than 100 calories per jar. Bolder Beans also make a fantastic Bloody Mary mix.