The Garden Ikea Built, And How You Can Use It to Improve Your Food Product Sales


If you are the industrious type unlike me – I’m in it for the cheap ice cream cones and always have a screw left over after I’m done constructing a bookshelf – the new Ikea Growroom may be the perfect addition to your food retail store.

In partnership with Copenhagen Ikea lab Space 10, who focuses on “futuristic, solutions-oriented designs”, plans for The Growroom have been released as an open source, free download online. The structure is a freestanding spherical garden that can be built anywhere and allows people to walk inside and even sit down. Medium reported “All you then need to build it, is two rubber hammers, 17 sheets of plywood and a visit to your local fab lab or maker space with a CNC milling machine” says one Medium post. This project is made solely with wood pieces, and the plans are intuitive enough for almost anyone to handle… even someone like me.


Current consumer trends make this a worthy project for your food business to undertake

The aim of The Growroom is to look forward to a time when people are fed less by the global market (which has been mired in controversy as of late) and more by purchasing food grown by local vendors. In fact, 94 percent of consumers say a food product’s transparency is important to their purchase decisions. “Today’s grocers… are enthusiastically embracing the hyper-local trend as a point of differentiation,” says a spokesperson for Gotham Greens, who’ve partnered with Whole Foods’ to create on-site rooftop greenhouses. For small businesses, it’s a great way to decrease your carbon footprint, attract the eco-conscious customers, and engage in your community. The Growroom could be your ‘in’ to an otherwise expensive commitment.

It’s remarkable, too, that a huge company like Ikea (who rakes in nearly 34 billion annually) has created something the majority of the population can build and helped to promote sharing-culture and small businesses thrive.

Head to Space10’s website to download the free, open source plans. And be sure to let us know in the comments how you think this will make a positive impact in your business!