Millennials are Getting Married, Here’s How to Get On Their Gift Registry


We’ve heard it all before, millennials are redefining commerce in most areas – they’re paying for products with digital wallets, shopping on social media, and renting products rather than buying them. And now, as they grow into adults and begin to build families, they’re changing the wedding industry as well. Gift registries are still thriving (not even a millennial would turn down presents), but what’s being listed on them is rapidly evolving. When it comes to registering for gifts, millennials are asking you to skip the crystal and gravy boats, and gift them something a little more fitting to their lifestyle.

Here are some tips to get in on their big day:

Create an experience surrounding your product

It’s no secret that this generation places more value on experiences than physical possessions. “[They] not only highly value experiences, but they are increasingly spending time and money on them… living a meaningful, happy life is about creating, sharing and capturing memories earned through experiences,” concludes a study sponsored by Eventbrite.

But don’t worry – that doesn’t mean your product company has to suffer. It just means you have to adapt. Focus on creating a program that encourages couples to take an active role in your product. For example, if you’re a potter making beautiful ceramic dishware, create a package where couples will be able to come in and craft their own with your help. Empower them to choose their own shape, size, and color. Trust us, they’ll love it.

Be accessible to the demographic

The tide of millennial couples moving toward the idea of a universal registry just continues to happen in a really big way,” quips Shan-Lyn Ma, Zola CEO and co-founder. Gone are the days of walking through a brick-and-mortar store with a scanner in hand; couples are now creating registries online right from the home they’re trying to outfit.

Five years ago, this could have posed a problem if you’re a small business without a team of computer engineers creating an online registry function for you. You’re not Macy’s, and you take pride in that.

But now, there are a number of gift registry apps (like Zola and MyRegistry) that allow couples to register for products from any business, regardless of size. “It really levels the playing field for small-business owners to get on gift registries where their products can be seen alongside the big guys,” Nancy Lee, President of MyRegistry, told BusinessNewsDaily. “They get just as much of an opportunity. There is really no limit.”

Create beautiful gift cards

Don’t be discouraged by all the chat about millennials liking experiences over physical things. They like products still, they just prefer to curate what’s in their home rather than buying for strictly utilitarian purposes. Need a blender? Cool, but let’s check out which will look best on our counter, was manufactured with the environment in mind, and is able to make that cake we love.

This preference bodes well for artisans like you.

With the big surge of millennial cash flooding to small businesses, you’ve got to be ready for all types of sales. Couples have begun seeking gift cards from their favorite stores as wedding gifts. (It’s not tacky anymore, it’s Vogue approved). That way, money is going to their favourite vendor (you), but they still get to pick what’s going in their cherished homes. Make some beautiful gift cards for their big day! Ones that’ll look stunning as they pop out of an envelope.