Beauty Brands Are Offering Personalized Products Using This Futuristic Technique


Would you wait 10 minutes and pay $80 if it meant finding your perfect shade of foundation? For many consumers, the answer is a resounding yes.

A lot of people can relate to the frustration felt when a beauty brand doesn’t seem inclusive or carry a wide enough assortment of products for the variety of customers they surely have.

French luxury beauty brand Lancôme’s customizable foundation, Le Teint Particulier (French for “the particular/specific shade”), is changing consumers’ attitudes when it comes to buying the popular makeup item. Though it’s a little more time-intensive than casually browsing the skin aisle of their favorite beauty store, Lancôme’s process is surprisingly simple for customers.

Scan, Mix, and Shake

Visitors of Lancôme makeup counters at participating Nordstrom department stores start by having their face scanned in three different areas using a nifty color-matching tool. The data collected is then sent to a machine which uses the information to whip up the perfect shade. Since not all skin needs are equal, consumers can also customize the foundation’s formula and moisture levels before the machine mixes all the ingredients together to make the final product. The custom foundation is even packaged in a personalized bottle complete with the customer’s name, “complexion ID,” and batch number for a truly unforgettable experience. The customer’s skin-formation is kept in a database for future purchases.

Tech in the Beauty Industry

While the futuristic process is unmistakably cool, Lancôme isn’t the first beauty brand to leverage technology in order to fix many of the pain points beauty consumers face today. Sephora shoppers have access to the Sephora + Pantone Color IQ service. As per the retailer’s site, “The Pantone Color Institute researched and then mapped out 110 skin tones to build the Color IQ Library. Created exclusively for Sephora, this chart categorizes skin’s surface tone and undertones to help determine foundation matches.” The company also offers Fragrance IQ, which offers personalized scent recommendations and matches.

Why This Works

Beauty technology is one effective way to get closer to your customers (literally) while offering them the types of products they truly crave. The beauty industry is changing; ‘one-size fits all’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. With the rise of influencer marketing within the industry, it seems that creativity and scrutiny are at an all-time high. Products that don’t live up to expectations need only to be shunned by one well-known beauty guru before seeing a dip in sales and/or popularity. Don’t believe me? Just ask Lime Crime.

What will you be doing to offer a more personalized experience, product, or both to your consumers this year? Let us know, comment down below!

Dayana Cadet

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