#HubbaStories: All Natural Pet Food Brand Turns to Hubba Influencers to Help Take Their Business to the Next Level


Note: #HubbaStories is a new series highlighting the successes of our community of really amazing and unique craft brands, retailers and influencers. You’ve been a big part of making Hubba what it is. This is your time. Check in here at the blog for #HubbaStories to congratulate your peers, and learn more about how you can use Hubba to accomplish your next goals. Let’s get things done.

Founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Matt and Meg Meyer, The Bear & The Rat, so-named after their two beloved pets, was borne out of their mutual love for dogs. The all natural brand is ultimately inspired by consumers who see themselves as pet parents, rather than simply owners. As a result of several recalls that left many feeling anxious about what they were really feeding to their pets, the natural pet food industry continues to flourish, and with it, The Bear & The Rat.

After their stint on Shark Tank left them with a wealth of exposure and distribution, Matt and Meg began looking towards Hubba for influencers and like-minded brands to partner with.

How Hubba Helped

With thousands of influencers to choose from, Hubba connects brands like The Bear & The Rat to the perfect person for them and their business. For Meg, Hubba serves as the ultimate time-saver. “[Without Hubba], it’s a huge process to try and attract and remember these people,” she explains. “Having a network that’s right there, and already tied to your audience, is hugely beneficial. Searching for good influencers on a social network can take a ton of time and resources.”

Hubba’s streamlined connection process makes it easy to reach out and foster working relationships. The ability to curate the search process and generate relevant results is just the icing on the cake. “There are definitely some really great bloggers that have amazing viewership in the pet [industry],” says Meg. “Those are gold for us.”

In a crowded market, working with influencers can raise your brand awareness above the competition and introduce you to a wider demographic. With Hubba Accelerate, not only do we help you to find, connect and work with influencers but we set you you up so that you can more effectively attract them to you. If you’re still unsure about the process of partnering up with these influencers, Hubba can help there too, with our comprehensive courses courtesy of HubbaU.

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