Snowsports, Climbing, Camping and Hiking Spotlight: Everything Consumers Need to Explore the Great Outdoors


During this time of year, outdoor enthusiasts are looking for gear that will keep them warm and dry. A recent survey conducted by the Outdoor Industry Association shows that 48.4 percent of the U.S. population participated in an outdoor activity at least once last year. In total, these participants went on a total of 11.7 billion outdoor outings. Many factors have contributed to this growth in outdoor activities, including more access to wild places, more information available regarding these places, as well as brands creating products that help people get outside (and stay there) in style and comfort. This week, we’ve rounded up a list of Hubba brands helping consumers enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

Camping in Comfort

Gone are the days when one could only rely on a basic sleeping bag, a flimsy tent, and a fervent hope for cooperating weather to make a camping trip successful. Brands today are coming up with significantly better products in the form of gear that is lightweight and easy to travel with for a truly happy camper. Outback Swags is one such brand with its promise to deliver “the TOUGHEST tent you can get.” The Pioneer Swag Tent is sure to stand up to any tough environments a camper might encounter. It’s lightweight, super durable fabric makes it an ideal staple for camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking.

Adventurous Associates

No voyage is complete without suitable accessories as adventurers must be prepared to run into a number of unplanned scenarios. Whether it’s having an extra container of water, thermal clothing, or an extra emergency aid kit, the most prepared adventurers are always looking for brands to include in their survival tool-kits. IM Survival is a survival equipment supplier happy to provide consumers with the gear they need for all of their wildlife experiences. This brand has created a fantastic, lightweight Emergency Survival Blanket that is both windproof and waterproof. The mylar blanket is compact, and can be easily stores in cars, purses, homes or cabins.

Snow Sports

Snow sports continue to gain popularity but no winter sport would be possible without the ability to stay warm and dry. That’s why consumers love brands like LIFT23, who’s merino wool blended socks feature a high performance, mesh-knit design. The Ski/Snowboard socks contain ventilation, warmth, and moisture-wicking properties, and the heel is even reinforced to absorb shock.